Because you've outgrown your Business Intelligence System

Hundreds of report requests? Disagreement on the numbers? Confusion about which dashboard to use? It's time for Distributed Business Intelligence. TypeSift is the only tool built from the ground-up to fully support the Distributed BI paradigm.



TypeSift's name comes from being able to type questions in plain english and generate charts & graphs on the fly. You can then sift through the AI's suggested results, or through the charts your colleagues have created. TypeSift puts data in the hands of the people.




TypeSift encourages organizations to develop Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). With TypeSift's articling and collaboration features, these SMEs can answer questions and resolve problems throughout the company.



TypeSift uses Artificial Intelligence intelligently. It will automate report creation, collation and distribution, saving analysts hours of manual and repetitive work.


From e-commerce startups to large enterprises, TypeSift gives you instant answers to questions about your business.