The DMZ is Ryerson University’s tech incubator. It was ranked the #1 university-based incubator in North America and #3 in the world by UBI Global, with over 300+ startups accelerated, 40-corporate partners, and only a 9% acceptance rate.


This BMO-sponsored program offers access to BMO executives, mentorship, and pilot opportunities with BMO to five select startups, of which TypeSift is one. TypeSift was accepted because of its focus on finance and business intelligence.


This highly competitive accelerator admits startups with a focus on advancing the fashion industry through design and technology. Startups receive access to Joe Fresh executive mentorship, connections in the fashion industry, and up to $50,000 in funding.


Meet the Founder

Abhijeet Sarkar

Founder | Manager, Business Development

Abhijeet is the Founder and CEO of TypeSift, a startup on a mission to make Business Intelligence scalable without the need for a ten-man team. With a CFA charter and an Engineering degree from Waterloo in his pocket he set out into the world to change the way we interact with our business.

As the heart and soul of TypeSift Ab has created a tool that let’s anyone simply talk to their data and get answers instantly. Previously working in the Business Intelligence industry for years Ab has felt the pains of people having to ask others for the view of the data they want, and it fueled him to change the status quo.