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Automatically output the results of your analyses and plans. Syndication packages segmented and aggregated data for delivery to APIs, Remove File Servers, and Email.
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TypeSift allows businesses to capture institutional and contextual knowledge directly in the system by writing Articles around snapshotted reports. Others can respond to the analyses through comments.


From Gut-Driven
to Data Driven

Build a truly data driven culture where analysts can quickly build reports, add insights, have a conversation or give compelling presentations.


Built for the
New Normal

Discussions allow you to capture contextualized information and move conversations out of the mess of emails and inboxes and centralize them around the report and data. Discussions are also tied to specific versions of the report, so that everyone is always talking about the same thing.

Email Bursting

Get the
Word Out.

Typesift’s Forecasting, Planning and Analysis (FP&A) allows users to move from report to plan in a single step. Override auto-generated forecasts with your own expectations, see how that breaks down across the entire enterprise, and then track your forecast accuracy as actual results roll in.

External Syndication

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& Handling

As your business grows, other interested parties will need access to data feeds from your systems. This includes parent companies and B2B sales partners. Today, businesses solve this by assigning a headcount to package and email spreadsheets. With TypeSift, you can automate these tasks, specify the output format, and the destination of the data (shared drive or email)

Service Accounts

External Access

Service Accounts allow external parties to gain direct access to the cleaned data in TypeSift. These accounts are also given Data Mart Views, and so follow the same kind of security and access rules as any other user. External parties issue TQL commands to pull cleaned, structured data for use in their own business intelligence systems.

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