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Type & Sift to generate charts and graphs. Join data together from different sources with visual dataflows. Create beautiful reports and dashboards to share with others. Collaborate with comments and discussions, and create powerful multi-step analysis with TypeSift's Query Language.
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Data Warehouse Modelling

A Full 360° View

What makes TypeSift unique is that you can build Enterprise Data Warehouse models directly in the system. This means that as you build reports, you’re not only “drilling down” into one data set, but you’re “drilling across” all the data sets of the business, letting you compare different subject areas like Marketing and Sales to better understand how parts of the business move together.

Data Mart Security

Create Customized

How do you ensure the west coast manager only sees their data, and not that of the east cost managers? How do we ensure that their boss can see everything? Data Marts not only create hyper-personalized views of the data, but they also ensure secure access to the information. Security profiles can be stacked as you move up the org. chain, and you can create both row-level and column-level security.

Data Dictionary

Speak the
Same Language

TypeSift’s Data Dictionary allows you to enter customized definitions of every column in the system, and these definitions are immediately available at the point of search. Now everyone will know the difference between the various exchange rates, types of sales, and other similar columns, and when to use which.

Business Engine Rules

Play by
your Rules

Business rules include if/then logic, calculations and 1:1 value replacements. Usually these rules are embedded in spreadsheet formulas or in complex dataflow code. TypeSift inverts this control and centralizes all your business rule logic into a single library. Make changes here and see how it will impact the rest of the system, from dataflows to reports.

Banded Reports

Beauty in

Simple, banded reports that provide detailed information is one of the most common forms of reporting - and yet there is just no good substitute for building these in spreadsheet software. Until now. TypeSift lets you easily build Banded Reports that are easily filtered, refreshed daily, and can be versioned over time.

Version Control

Real Life Time
Travel (almost)

TypeSift allows you to version control your reports and dashboards. This more than just taking pictures of your reports.When you save a version of your report you actually save the underlying data that goes with it, allowing you to apply filters and view the report “as of” that moment in time. In addition, the structure and layout of the report is saved so you can quickly see how it has changed over time.


And yes, we have dashboards

TypeSift data visualization draws on tried and true methods of rending graphics - namely those from the video game industry. TypeSift can visualize tens of thousands of data points, where most other visualization engines will struggle. This allows you to build beautiful dashboards and visualize all your data.

Performance Attribution

See All the Moving Parts

One of the biggest questions in business is how are different areas impacting one another? How do operations impact the capacity for more sales? Can we attribute a lift in revenue to a recent marketing campaign? Insights come from being able to pair trends in different processes and make educated conclusions about how they move together in the hopes of driving future growth.

Multistep Analysis (TQL)

Write 90% Less Code

Sometimes you just can’t avoid writing code for multi-step analyses. TypeSift Query Language (TQL) brings the expressiveness of SQL and the power of Stored Procedures to a managed environment. It’s also 10X more concise than SQL. This means you can collaboratively develop reports in the meeting. No more broken-telephone of defining requirements.

Pattern Discovery

Think it.

Then Type it.

TypeSift gets its name from typing keywords and generating charts and graphs, which you can then sift through. But it also gives you the ability to explore your catalogue of data through good old fashioned drag & drop. Once you’re familiar with your entire data set, typing & sifting will let you build reports and explore patterns faster than dragging and dropping ever could.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

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