Explore Patterns through Search

TypeSift allows you to quickly enter keywords and generate charts, graphs and pivot tables on the fly. Slicing, dicing and filtering is as simple as typing in a few letters for the column or value you’re looking for.



Prepare and Clean

Insights are only as valid as the data its derived from. We handle the unsavory parts of data management by cleaning and integrating your data, making it ready for consumption.

Build, Snapshot and Collaborate on Reports

There are no dashboards in TypeSift. Instead, you can build any number of customized reports. The data and layout of a report can be snapshotted, allowing analysts to make comparisons over time. Users can have conversations in the Discussions pane, with each comment referencing a specific snapshot in time.



Enrich Analysis with Qualitative Data

TypeSift lets you bring in qualitative data, and analyze it alongside the quantitative. Marketing images, user reviews, or customer support notes add an enrichment to your analysis that isn’t represented in a number.