Reporting for Enterprises

TypeSift lets business users build customs reports without adding to IT's backlog. 

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Ask More Questions

TypeSift gets its name from the ability to type natural language questions, see charts and graphs generated for you, and then sift through the results for the view that you want.

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Write A Composition

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a graph is worth a thousand numbers. And yet, we still communicate with language. TypeSift lets analysts write articles that use data from charts and graphs to tell a story, support their analysis, make recommendations and communicate predictions. The news article provides a familiar interface for executives, bridging the gap between them and their analysts.


Definitions When You Need Them

TypeSift has a built-in business glossary. Companies can add custom definitions for each of their columns, which are provided to the user throughout the search process. This way, new users can hit the ground running, and everyone can be on the same page on what the data means.

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