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Our mission at TypeSift is to help companies "Crunch Above their Weight." What gets us out of bed is helping businesses gain access to the deep value of their data, but without becoming data engineering experts.

We believe that every company should be able to gain value from their data, but what's holding them back is the huge barrier to entry - buying six different tools, dealing with multiple vendors, and hiring an entire engineering team just to produce a dashboard whose numbers you can believe. That doesn't make sense.

Our belief is that most companies are buying the same set of tools and hiring the same people across industries, spending millions of dollars putting data together instead of deriving value from it.

How we change this is by pioneering a new, Minimalist approach to analytics that focuses on three innovations that work together - an end-to-end product so you don't need to integrate multiple tools, a partnered support model so that you can build an extended data engineering team, and modular pricing so that you can grow your investment with the complexity of the business, not the headcount.

TypeSift is helping to build leaner, meaner, more profitable businesses. Connect with us to see how you can bring this game-changing approach to your organization.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

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Talented Crew

Abhijeet Sarkar, CFA

Founder, CEO | CTO

Eric Healy

Director, Client Services

Enrique Ponte Ojeda

Digital Marketing Specialist

William Jackson

Director, Product & Implementations

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

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Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

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