The Team

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Abhijeet Sarkar

Founder | Manager, Business Development

Abhijeet has worked in software and business intelligence for the past 10-years across companies like Honeywell, RBC CM, Bell Mobility, and Arc'teryx. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and is a CFA Charterholder. During his career he discovered a need for natural language querying and cross-platform collaboration. Seeing none of the big vendors step in to fill this niche, he decided to build the tool himself.

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Tim Fraser


Sales and Marketing Associate

Tim has always had a voracious curiosity. His background is in Biotechnology from Seneca, but he quickly realized upon graduation that he'd rather be in front of people than in front of beakers. He moved into the restaurant industry where he worked for nearly 10-years, learning all aspects of business operation, sales and marketing. Upon achieving mastery there, he decided he wanted to apply his knowledge of sales and marketing in yet another high-pressure, fast-paced environment: a technology startup.