Bridge the gap between data and decisions.

Customers use TypeSift to stand-up Corporate Decision Infrastructure in less time, with fewer resources and without multiple vendors.


What is Corporate Decision Infrastructure?


A Decision Infrastructure bridges the gap between collecting data and making sense of it to make decisions. It is made up of five pieces :

  1. Cleaning & Attribution

  2. Centralized Storage

  3. Exploration & Reporting

  4. Forecasting/Planning

  5. Security & Business Glossary

Most companies who are just beginning to implement a Decision Infrastructure must spend time hiring talented data analysts & architects, selecting tools, and then actually building the infrastructure.

TypeSift provides all of these in a single solution, allowing a company to set up a Decision Infrastructure faster and more efficiently than its competition.


Prevent Costly Delays

Do you ever worry that you'll be over-budget because you couldn't get a timely trend analysis? With TypeSift, customers can cut data in different ways in the middle of a meeting, instead of waiting weeks for a follow-up to a budget-critical question.

Support Growth

Corporate Decision Infrastructure is important for companies who have prioritized growth. As you outgrow Excel reporting, having numbers at your fingertips lets the entire company make decisions at scale.

Avoid Expensive Hires

Hiring a full Analytics team to set up Corporate Decision Infrastructure can be slow and costly. Rely on TypeSift's services to provide guidance, train your existing staff on best practices, and to build your CDI in less time than it would take to hire someone.

With TypeSift, what used to take me a week now takes me an hour. This can make people’s lives a lot easier. Without TypeSift, we’d have to go back to the old way of doing things.
— Product Manager, Herschel Supply Co